Movers & Shakers Spotlight – Janki Patel

Janki Patel is the Laboratory Supervisor at Colas Solutions, the laboratory arm of Colas USA.

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Describe your role to someone who is not familiar with the construction industry or Colas USA.
I coordinate the central laboratory for the Colas USA liquid group. I manage a team of technicians to perform quality control testing and technical assistance for Colas USA subsidiaries. I also work on product development and practical research.

What has been your favorite project so far?
My favorite project was the Carter’s Grove Colonial microsurfacing project, a specialty product application that Colas USA performed in Williamsburg, VA. I worked on the product development of the material and was a part of the field support team. It was one of the most challenging but rewarding projects that I have worked on.

What drew you to working within the construction industry?
I interned at Colas Solutions for my engineering program and as the saying goes, “once you get into asphalt, you get stuck to it!” During that time, I saw a potential for growth in the industry.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?
I care about the people and the products that I work with, which are essential to the success of Colas USA.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I can speak three languages, which include English, Gujarati, and Hindi.

From her nomination:

“Janki has been a pivotal part of transforming the function of our binder lab. As our business changes, demands on our lab have changed and Janki always finds a way to provide quality work. The binder lab is not only a provider of high-quality test results to our subsidiaries, but a center for training of new lab techs. This means that Janki does not always have seasoned, experienced tech to perform work. In addition to training new techs, she has consistently been able to churn out high quality work.”