Movers & Shakers Spotlight – Shannon Ayers

From her nomination:

“Shannon is dedicated to accuracy. She always holds herself to the highest degree of accountability and accuracy even when things are challenging. She influences other project managers by being an example of how to do things correctly.”

Shannon Ayers is the Assistant Project Manager at Reeves Construction Company – Piedmont Region, the Colas USA subsidiary that operates throughout North & South Carolina, Georgia, and the northern part of Florida. Shannon has been a part of the Colas USA Family since 1994, and has held the titles of Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Payable Administrator, Assistant Bookkeeper, Construction Administrator, Project Engineer, and now Assistant Project Manager.

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Describe your role to someone who is not familiar with the construction industry or Colas USA.
As the Assistant Project Manager, I am a liaison between our company’s field and administrative employees and the customer. My role is to schedule work for our company and any subcontractors, manage the finances of the project, find solutions to problems that may occur in the field, and ensure we stay productive and profitable.

What has been your favorite project so far?
It’s difficult to pinpoint one favorite project, but my favorite aspect of this position is being about to interact with our field personnel. After all, without them, my job would not be possible.

What drew you to working within the construction industry?
My dad was an employee at Sloan Construction, which has since rebranded as Reeves Construction Company – Piedmont Region. They were looking for some temporary help to work through the summer, and he encouraged me to come in.

Now, back in 1992, I just showed up to the office and started working! No interview, no drug test, no introductions. I was told where to sit, and my supervisor started training me. I started as an Accounts Payable Clerk, filing (check copies attached to paid invoices) and reconciling vendor statements. I was around 16 years of age, and it was the summer of my junior year in high school.

I enjoyed working for Sloan, and especially with my dad, and was fortunate enough to be asked back the following summer. They offered the opportunity to stay on as a temp while I went to college, and I was later hired on as a full-time employee in October of 1994. Being in the office, in the corporate accounting department, I never saw any of our field personnel, and did not know until about 15 years later that there was even more than one type of asphalt.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?
My goal is to help the crews to have the resources and information needed to make their job easier. Since this role is to aid in their productivity, I am happy to oblige with whatever I can do to make their lives easier. The company has also allowed me to pursue different avenues of positions over the last 30 years, therefore I am grateful for all of my opportunities, and try to show my appreciation by being as involved and invested as I can.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
My favorite genre of music is rock (Metallica, Disturbed, Korn…). Back in 2005, my friend-neighbor introduced me to a Spartanburg rock band called Injustus. The lead guitarist and I spoke maybe about 3 or 4 times during the year that I went to their shows. In 2019 he and I reconnected, and in 2020 we were married!