Movers & Shakers Spotlight – Juli Foster

From her nomination:

“Juli loves the people she works with and serving them. She also likes the type of work she is doing, but in many cases I believe the people drive her. She builds lasting connections with people. She knows about their families, their days, and stresses/pressures they are under at certain times. She uses this to bring people together, share safety stories, and show them that’s it possible to work together towards one ultimate goal. She understands we’re working for each other and the ones we love at home.”

Juli Foster is the Senior Accountant at Delta Companies Inc., the Colas USA subsidiary that operates in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas. Juli has been a part of the Colas USA Family since 2018. Prior to becoming the Senior Accountant, Juli worked as a Staff Accountant.
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Describe your role to someone who is not familiar with the construction industry or Colas USA.
I oversee inventory and job costing for the South Region of Delta Companies Inc. This involves monitoring our inventory transactions, ensuring that accounts balance, and producing a monthly inventory report. With job costing, I review and adjust our job budgets and conduct a monthly job review meeting with project managers.

What has been your favorite project so far?
My work is not project based; however, my favorite type of work is job costing. Job costing enables me to track costs by comparing the estimate at completion to actual and budgeted costs. This allows me to determine profitability based on how a job is trending and to make recommendations for budget adjustments, if necessary. Additionally, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge engaging in the project selection and bidding process.

What drew you to working within the construction industry?
What drew me to construction was the challenge of using my newly acquired skills in an industry new to me. Working in this industry has been a rewarding experience. I am always learning something new and I’m proud of the work that we do. The community depends on quality infrastructure, and we provide that every day.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?
The people that I work with are AMAZING! Their willingness to share knowledge, help, train, coach, and mentor is unmatched. All my colleagues have contributed to my learning and growth. I am a part of a great team and I know that my work is valued and appreciated.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I’ve lived in 9 different states and overseas. I enjoy relocating to new areas and am always looking forward to my next adventure.