Movers & Shakers Spotlight – Jennifer Yawn

From her nomination:

Jennifer is the manager over the controllers for Sloan (Duncan and Columbia) the Bridge Division and Sloan Granite region and their respective accounting departments. She knows what it takes to make these departments run smoothly and she makes sure that everyone knows the role they play. If one person needs help she is able to jump in and give assistance. Jennifer makes sure that the new hires are properly trained and that in the interim she makes sure that all tasks are performed in a timely manner. She is always helpful when there is a question related to accounting and makes sure that you understand what she is explaining.

Jennifer Yawn is the Divisional Controller for Sloan Construction in Duncan, South Carolina. Sloan is a part of Reeves Construction Company, the Colas USA subsidiary that operates throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Jennifer has been a part of the Colas USA Family since 2002 and has held the titles of Corporate Accountant; Area Controller; Assistant Controller; Regional Controller; Divisional Controller
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Describe your role to someone who is not familiar with the construction industry or Colas USA.

I oversee all financial reporting and administrative processes for the Sloan Division of Reeves Construction Company, as well as provide support to the Vice President of the Division.

What has been your favorite project so far?

My job is not project based, but my favorite part of the job is working with project management regarding revenue recognition concerns and providing support to them.

What drew you to working within the construction industry?

I applied to the accounting position without regard to the industry. However, I enjoy construction accounting and working with both project management and project laborers.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day (besides the financial aspect)?

I enjoy providing accurate information to managers about the business. I have a high “accommodating” personality.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Despite being a decent accountant, which requires precision, focus on details, consistency, organization and planning — all of the typical right brained things — I actually have many “left brain tendencies,” including a love for art and music, and I rarely schedule anything outside of work. I just go where the day takes me.

I am a serious horseback rider and train with my horse as much as my schedule allows. I have earned the bronze medal with the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) on my Hanoverian gelding and am currently competing at 4th level, attempting to earn scores for my silver medal.

What is one recommendation you could make to help Colas USA operate better?

Keep investing in training the bench strength. It is better to have too many employees that know how to do things well than only a few that carry too much load.