State DOTs

Colas USA companies work with state departments of transportation (DOTs) to deliver efficiencies in highway construction, maintenance and engineering throughout the USA. The challenges facing state DOTs are greater than ever. With reduced budgets and increased customer expectations, state DOTs rightly expect Colas USA companies to support them by providing safe, innovative and sustainable as well as cost effective solutions. With our diverse portfolio of products and services, our research and innovation and our network of construction materials facilities, we are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions to our state DOT customers.

Colas USA companies have been engaged in numerous projects for state DOTs delivering a variety of services: general construction, asphalt paving, pavement preservation and recycling, grading, bridge construction and maintenance, utilities, … These services were delivered using various delivery methods such as traditional bid-build, design-build, public-private partnership or asset maintenance.

Colas USA companies have also partnered with numerous state DOTs across the nation to develop and bring to market various innovative products and services. In particular, Colas USA companies have contributed tremendously to the development of Recycled Asphalt Pavement and Warm Mix Asphalt in the USA. For more on EcoMat® (Colas USA’s own Warm Mix Asphalt) and other innovative products, please visit