Construction Services

As a leader in American infrastructure construction and maintenance, Colas USA companies build and maintain roads, bridges, airports, ports, military bases, rail, dams, canals, and other infrastructure related projects as well as the horizontal infrastructure of residential, commercial and industrial projects. As a result, through the regional offices of our operating companies, our teams provide a wide range of construction services on both large and small projects nationwide.

These construction services will normally include activities like excavation and grading, well pad construction, site development, wet and dry utilities, bridge construction and maintenance, civil engineering structures, asphalt and concrete paving and pavement preservation and recycling. We also offer, in selected parts of the country, more specialized activities such as rail track construction and maintenance, electrical contracting and water and waste water treatment plants construction.

We are a true solutions provider capable of taking on the most challenging projects, providing leadership, innovation and expertise and providing high quality, efficient and responsible construction solutions to the markets and customers we serve. Our vertical integration into construction materials also enables us to bring further added value to all the projects we participate in.

Colas Infrastructure™

As the needs of our customers have resulted in more complex infrastructure projects, we have created a project management platform - Colas Infrastructure™ that is fully capable of supporting larger and more complex projects using innovative project delivery vehicles such as design/build, construction management, public-private partnerships, and long-term asset management contracts.

Our management team has experience with each of these delivery methods and has supported our operating companies in various projects using these models from the planning and financing stages to final delivery and operation. Colas Infrastructure’s primary focus is on road construction, port development, rail and intermodal projects, government and military infrastructure, and other large civil projects.  To learn more, please visit our initiatives page.

Colas Pavement Preservation™

Over the past few years, our customers’ budgets have come under tremendous pressure while environmental expectations have increased. In response, we have intensified our efforts into preservation and recycling, and are now able to offer a full range of pavement preservation and recycling construction services through a nationwide network of highly specialized companies. To learn more, please visit our initiatives page.

Worldwide Resources, Local Connections

Our philosophy of coupling worldwide resources with local connections means that we bring a wealth of knowledge and solutions to every project and customer, but also provide local, hands-on support with trained personnel, specialized equipment, and high quality construction materials close to every project. All of our companies and initiatives complement each other into a highly efficient network that enables us to provide our customers with safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.