Residential and Commercial

Every year, Colas USA companies complete hundreds of residential and commercial projects: subdivisions, retail malls, mixed-use developments, parking lots and distribution centers, … We have a reputation for quality, dependability, and customer service on every single project we complete, large or small. Whether they are general contractors or developers, our customers recognize our tradition of excellence by repeatedly relying on us for all of their construction and maintenance needs.

Once on location, our crews perform site work, asphalt and concrete paving, grading, wet and dry utilities, concrete flatwork, and many other construction services, giving us full scheduling control and flexibility. But our work starts with our engineering capabilities that enable us to offer turnkey packages.

We understand that many communities have high environmental expectations. Through our research and development efforts, we have developed a wide range of environmentally responsible solutions that help our developer customers gain LEED credits and achieve high environmental goals required by their projects. A good example is our own Warm Mix Asphalt – EcoMat® – that significantly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gases. Please visit for more of our responsible solutions.

Residential and commercial property managers also appreciate our extensive range of pavement preservation products and services. We have jointly developed solutions to help them better preserve their pavement assets. These offerings are now available nationwide through a network of specialized application companies. For more about this initiative please visit

And last, but not least, we participate in thousands of residential and commercial projects every year without performing any construction services, but as a material supplier. Our local construction materials facilities deliver quality aggregates, asphalt mixes and ready-mix concrete to many residential and commercial contractors throughout the nation. We have partnered with many of them to support them in their goals and growth over the years.