Colas USA companies complete hundreds of projects every year that range from routine maintenance to major infrastructure development. Our projects span from coast to coast and are done with the best know-how, expertise, ingenuity and creativity in the industry.


Resurfacing Interstate 55

This project for the Missouri Department of Transportation was one of the first to be launched as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and was managed by teams from Delta Companies. Launched in July 2009 and broken in two phases, it was completed by the end of 2010 and involved more than 250,000 tons of asphalt mix.

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Extreme Project Near The Bering Sea

Like a lot of small towns in Alaska, Chefornak is in the middle of nowhere. And because there are very few roads given the nature of the land, planes are the main means of transport. Chefornak needed a new airport with a bigger runway to accommodate increased freight requirements.

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Crossing The Tioga River

This project for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDoT) Engineering District 3 consisted of the excavation and embankment of 850,000 cubic yards of rock and soil, as well as the construction of two new pre-stressed concrete beam bridge structures and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls.

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FiberMat® moves from New York to Texas

Texans know that chip seals are a cost effective pavement preservation treatment for all types of streets and highways. Texas cities and counties, as well as the Texas Department of Transportation, regularly protect their pavements with chip seals in climates ranging from very hot to cold, and from very dry to humid.

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A New Rail Corridor In Virginia

From the Atlantic seaboard all the way to the Midwest, goods are moving more efficiently, thanks to a new rail corridor in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Our subsidiary Branscome had the privilege to work on this project.

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Gateway Fanfare fountains

The construction of Gateway Fanfare Fountains and Water Features at the Port of Los Angeles is part of the New LA Waterfront, the world’s largest waterfront development and community enhancement project. Our teams at Sully-Miller are very proud to have worked on this $15M project as well as other waterfront projects associated with this initiative.

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