Local Government Agencies

The challenges facing local government agencies are greater than ever. With reduced budgets and increased customer expectations, local government agencies rightly expect Colas USA companies to support them by providing safe, innovative and sustainable as well as cost effective solutions. We share these concerns because we live and work in the same communities as our customers. With our diverse portfolio of products and services, our research and innovation, and our network of construction materials facilities, we are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions to our local government agency customers.

In response to agencies’ decreased budgets and increased environmental expectations, we have intensified our research and innovation efforts into preservation and recycling, and have developed with our customers a range of safe, cost-effective and sustainable solutions in these areas. For example, local public works around the country have successfully used FiberMat®, a cost-effective surface treatment that resists cracking 30 percent longer than standard treatments. For more about FiberMat® and other proven solutions we developed with our customers please visit www.colassolutions.com

In addition to these solutions, we have also developed a full range of construction services available through our nationwide network of specialized application companies. For more about this initiative please visit www.colaspavementpreservation.com