Crossing the Tioga River

This project for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDoT) Engineering District 3 consisted of the excavation and embankment of 850,000 cubic yards of rock and soil, as well as the construction of two new pre-stressed concrete beam bridge structures and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls. The bridges had 6 and 8 spans respectively over the Tioga River and New York State Route 6015.

For this $26M project, teams at HRI coordinated permitting and wage issues between New York and Pennsylvania state agencies. Another challenge was collaborating with contractors working on adjacent contracts, one to the north in New York, and one to the south in Pennsylvania. Our teams rose to the challenge and completed this project on time and on budget.

At the core of our quality process is the concept of “doing it right the first time.” We use a “Plan/Do/Check/Act” quality cycle, and empower staff to practice the concepts of continuous process improvement. We tailor the program to every function and activity of the organization, including work performed by subcontractors, and materials produced by fabricators and suppliers.

The design-build delivery method allowed HRI teams to develop relationships and partner with engineering firms up and down the East Coast. HRI will be well positioned for future design-build projects.